Work In Progress ~ Portrait

I have abandoned my second clayboard "tree" drawing for now, and have moved on to a pencil on paper drawing.  My rule of thumb is that if I do not enjoy the drawing that I am currently working on, or if I am too focused thinking about the next work that I become disengaged with the one that I am currently working on, then I need to just start the next piece (I will inevitably go back and finish the other piece later).  I am not a suffering artist...I like to draw, and I have to like what I am drawing. For the first time, I am drawing a portrait of one of my children (my oldest son, age 8).  I have used my children before (metaphorically), but not any of them individually as a portrait.  This is an interesting world of subject matter, and I have a lot of thoughts, but not for today.  Here is the piece, in progress:

pencil on Arches watercolor paper

This drawing actually has a horizontal format (24 inches high x 32 inches wide) with limbs of a dogwood tree coming in from the left in the negative space behind his head, and the background will be gold leaf...unless I change my mind after I finish the pencil.  With the leafing and the sparse composition, the drawing may be Asian in feel and I believe I will like that, but I do not always fix a course for a drawing in my head as I am working...the drawing will determine the finished stage.

This one will be completed within the next week or two; I have a lot of studio time next week - which is a relief because the months of June, September, and December are always a struggle and a distraction to working  in the studio (school, school, holidays).  Ah, but, life is more important than art.

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