Macro Fun in the Garden II

Alas, I am still plodding away on my latest drawing and counting down the days until my kids are in summer camp (which of course means exponentially more time in the studio). The odd thing is that the less time I have to draw in the studio, the more time I have to disconnect and think and sneak a few sketches.  With all of this repressed creative energy combined with thinking, I have no less than four drawings that I have started to compose (sketch, plan, resketch), three of which are elaborate narrative portraits.  I think this is a record for me...usually I only plan one or two drawings out from the one that I am currently drawing.  I do not work in a traditional " series " where I explore a single idea - rather I evolve through a continuum...which means that one or two of the planned drawings may be scrapped or totally altered by the time I get to actually rendering the final pieces.

I have plenty of studio time on the horizon, so I know the drawings will emanate soon, but out of frustration I am feeling the need for instant gratification visual stimulation this week, so here are more macro garden photos.




Thanks to all the rain, there is a fungus amungus...and this one looks like the classic toad stool to me:


Hey, Hey, Hey, is it me or does this mushroom look like Dumb Donald from Fat Albert?:

Hey, Hey, Hey, It's Mushmouth...

More daylilies...they are so beautiful and sensual...I thought the veins in this one were rather womb like:



Nasturtiums, again...the red ones are also quite suggestive and have an almost prodigal lushness: