A work in progress...

The drawing I am currently working on is in pieces and parts all over the studio: once all of the separate elements are finished, it will all be attached (by various adhesives and thread) onto a larger piece of paper. The overall dimensions will be about 60 inches high and 44 inches wide. I do not have a title yet - I just refer to it as The Dryad. Below are photographs of The Dryad in progress (click the images to enlarge) - here is the tree:


The center of the composition is rendered in gouache and it will be embellished with tiny colored glass beads:


A detail of the gouache painting:


The apples (a branch on the tree):


Background landscape:


I am still working on a couple of other drawings that will make up the rest of the imagery.  I suspect that the entire work will take another 4 to 6 weeks to complete, if not more (the beading takes a while). The challenge with this drawing is trying to visualize and resolve the separate parts so the piece works as a whole once it is put together (I like this challenge: one of the aspects of drawing that I truly enjoy is the problem solving).

My main studio distraction over the past few days has been with framing a drawing that will be in an exhibit of works on paper - more details about that show coming up in a couple of weeks.