Share Your Thoughts...Take 2

I really thought I was done with this drawing. After having this piece professionally photographed, I had the opportunity to look at it on a smaller scale; of course I had taken pictures of the drawing while it was in progress, but only with my point-and-shoot and not with a polarized filter and correct lighting. The accurate smaller-scale photographs revealed there were value and spatial relationships that were not working as I had intended.

After a couple of weeks of denial and hiding the piece (from myself) in my studio, I had to spend a few hours pushing and pulling values to get this to where I wanted it to be…and I think I can now say that I am done.

And so here she is, reworked and once again photographed:



(Detail photos of the drawing are on my flickr page).

I am currently working on a new drawing - this one will be layered and sewn together with beading and perhaps a little something more; I am still considering some new ideas to finish the piece.  What I like about working in pieces and then tying it all together is that it gives me some spontaneity with how the artwork is finished. Here is a detail:



More in-progress photographs to come soon!