Exhibitor's Co-op

Visual Voices

The reception for the exhibit Visual Voices is this Sunday from 2 - 5 PM at 1978 Arts Center in Maplewood, New Jersey - all are welcome, so please drop by.  I will have one drawing on display (for a sneak peak of the artwork on display, click here).

Visual Voices is an exhibition featuring members of the Exhibitor's Co-op:

"Exhibitors’ Co-op is a creative forum to share art ideas and techniques, critique work and to support each other’s creative expression. Over the past 20 years, it has evolved into a thriving community of talented individuals, creating with their own unique voices."

As an artist, I find it imperative to have a supportive community of other artists with whom I can share ideas and critique work; for the past 8 years, my supportive community has been the Exhibitor's Co-op. Under the direction of Barbara Minch and with a core group of 30 - 40 artists, the insight and camaraderie has made the difference between feeling isolated and disconnected to creating work with the knowledge that I would have a place for feedback without the disingenuousness that often plagues some critique groups.

I can't imagine my art life without them.