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The False Mirror – Surrealism Forward and Back

  The Persistence of Memory, graphite on paper

Several of my drawings are included in a Surrealism exhibition that opens this Saturday at Artworks Gallery in Trenton, New Jersey.

THE FALSE MIRROR – SURREALISM FORWARD AND BACK will be on exhibit from January 11th through February 22nd.

The opening reception is this Saturday, January 11, 2014, 6-8 pm.

From the press release:

Almost a hundred years have passed since classical Surrealist works were first shown, and their irrational “snapshots” of the impossible were surely quite shocking back then.  Today, however, we appear increasingly attracted to similar oddities: computer-altered talking babies, life-sized combative tacos, and flying cars probably now seem both plausible and trendy.

Its important to consider that current ways of thinking and seeing are largely the result of visual and conceptual efforts by classical Surrealists. Early and mid 20th century works by de Chirico, Magritte, Ernst, and Dali forever loosened the look and logic of thought and vision, and they forever twisted and morphed all that we now view and accept as possible.

To facilitate the curator’s idea of historical context and its forward/back idea, recent works will be grouped near prints by Surrealist masters.  For example, Magritte’s EMPIRE OF LIGHT (1950) will hang near original new works which deal with the subjectivity of time and light.  Visitors unfamiliar with art history will hopefully find this placement important for making thoughtful observations and connections.

Curator Frances Heinrich will present a short PowerPoint talk during the opening which relates famous historical works to the current “special effects” now surrounding us in film, tv, advertising, and fashion.

More information about the show and directions to the gallery can be found at the Artworks website.