Strange Tales From My Little Black Book #28

Finally... a new Strange Tale!  There are many more of these little Tales sketched out and started, however I have a year-long reprieve from sitting in my car for extended periods of time to wait for the kiddies to exit school (the optimum Strange Tale drawing time), so these little sketches are on the backburner. Less time in the car is more time in the studio, so I am not complaining.  They'll get done, soon enough.  At any rate:

"Margaret was haunted by the final woe-laden correspondence"

The better pic is on the flickr page. 

I am currently busy with a new body of work, but I am not showing these pieces (or posting them) for quite a few months; at least three need to be completed so there is context. Oh, it is too difficult to sometime in April or May.  And perhaps some more Strange Tales before that time, too.