Strange Tales From My Little Black Book #26

Strange Tale #26 is done!  Actually, it has been done for over a week, but I could not think of a title that fit the piece without being too descriptive ("Unravel" - for example - is a bit too obvious).   I have decided to name it "Little Acts of Courage":

Little Acts of Courage

Graphite on Moleskine sketchbook paper, 7 x 4 inches.

And, as usual, you can visit the drawing on flickr for a sharper reproduction. 

My critique group critiqued my new artist's statement and - as a result - it will soon undergo some serious editing. And I do mean hack, hack, hack...there will be some extreme cutting away of the extraneous stuff.  We will see how I do at this editing thing, because, well, it is my natural tendency to prattle on.

One last thought - did anyone else have extraordinary dreams during the night of the Super Full Moon?  Maybe it was coincidence, but I had some wild and lush dreams on Saturday night. I rarely take too much stock in dreams (they tend to be the clearing house for my daily mind clutter), but I have to say that I enjoyed my rather hokey dream that involved flying around under the moon in a billowing night gown through a night sky the color of a Crayola midnight blue crayon (it was a bit like being in an Anne Sudworth pastel, and, since I adore gothic romantic illustrations, the dream was quite fabulous).  It actually felt real, too, although I definitely do not have a billowing nightgown.  The flying dream evolved into another strange story having to do with a boat, a rifle, a strange little 0-shaped pond, but I won't get into all of those details.  I have had dreams that inspired my drawings, but for the most part I find them too bizarre and insubstantial to use as fodder for drawing; and, unfortunately, this dream was too vivid, tangible, and realistic to draw or paint into a flat image (or animate for that matter).  Oh, well, guess you had to be there...isn't it sad how a dream that is so memorable when you awake gradually disolves into bits and pieces as the days go by.