Strange Tales From My Little Black Book #16

Sigh...back from vacation.... during which I had a lot of time to sketch while on the side of a mountain with my family, enjoying a lovely little creek with neither internet nor cell service (of course, one is never more than 20 minutes from a Starbucks, so I was not that isolated, but it is pleasant to be off the grid, so to speak).
A new sketchbook drawing -
Scissor, graphite on Moleskine sketchbook paper, 10.5 x 8.25 inches:

I have photos to post (a collection of micro mushrooms and a visual study of that complimentary color feast also known as swiss chard), and a rant about the true recipe for red velvet cake, but life draws me away (most pressing is that I have a few fish tanks to clean - after several weeks of neglect the fishies are looking a bit edgy).
Another Moleskine sketch soon...