Another visit to the art photographer...

This is the first of the completed drawings in my Goya series.  The art photographer was probably not too happy about this one, although he did a magnificent job despite the fact that the layers of graphite, matte medium and india ink were undoubtedly a pain to light.  The surface is actually darker, grayer, less contrasted, but this is a significantly better photo than I was able to get:

Graphite and India ink on Arches HP watercolor paper, 18 x 17 inches

The background is graphite, matte medium, lace drawn/painted in India ink, another layer of graphite, more matte medium, so it is quite dense.  Here is a detail:
Although I love to document my drawings in a nice little jpeg package - it is sort of like putting a bow on a wrapped present (voila!) -  I am still a little unsettled by the fact that these are not the drawings, simply the images of the drawings (and itty bitty ones at that).   Alas, so it goes.  By the way, he also took a great photo of the Coelocanth drawing (this one is extremely accurate to values):

Temporal Reverie, graphite and watercolor on Arches HP watercolor paper, 26 x 32 inches

On the agenda for next week; the Cube and I exhibit, plus I will post the new drawing I just finished for that show, and hopefully I will be finishing the second portrait (yes, okay, so back in the I go).

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