Strange Tales From My Little Black Book #6

Another little drawing from the beloved Moleskine...around 5 x 7 inches:


It is a personal goal not to find myself in the midst of idle down time without my sketchbook in hand.  It occurred to me (perhaps a little too obsessively) that I spend 20 minutes a day waiting in the car for my pair of first graders to emerge from school and if I spend that 20 minutes a day sketching, by the end of the week I have about an hour and a half of drawing time...and this is the time when all of these little finished sketches are being created.  Measuring out my drawings by the spoonful...
On the studio side of things, the graphite section of my current large scale drawing is nearly complete, and the last step is a small black pearl that will be painted in gouache (subtle bits of opalescent color - fun to paint - hurray!), but I have to wait on the gouache pearl until I finish all of the pencil parts and stabilize the drawing with fixative.  Maybe next week it will be in a post-able state.
Currently listening to: The  Cocteau Twins Victorialand, my winter record, and perhaps the only record that I have listened to at least one thousand times.  Really.