Goodbye October

fall-1 I LOVE October.

Every year around this time I find myself longing to be a landscape painter...fortunately for all, this feeling passes as soon as the leaves have fallen from the trees, though not usually in time to prevent me from grabbing some gouache or watercolor to make truly pathetic attempts at painting trees and sky.  (In my mind I picture myself painting sunset and moonrise landscapes in the style of Maxfield Parrish, but I know that this is totally unreasonable and leaves me destined for failure).

Alas, I have resorted to photographs to cure my urge to paint landscapes.

I have found that the tree color this year has been nice enough, but the sunsets have been exceptional:






Oh, October, how I will miss thee.

I have finished the grandmother/magnolia/cotton drawing - which is conveniently titled "Cottonmouth and Magnolia" - but I will not post the final photos until I have a professional photographer make proper photos of the piece next week.   It is too subtle, too large, too cumbersome to get a good photo with my point-and-shoot digital camera, and, though it is tempting to post, I will not spoil the final unveiling with lousy photos.

I have not been posting as many blogs:  although I am constantly writing  in my head, finding the time to put my thoughts and whims into any concrete form has been nearly impossible this month.  And then, wouldn't you know it, whatever profound or not-so-profound thoughts wisp away into some subconscious netherworld.  So it goes.

The next drawing is already up and running: a self-portrait with ancient fish and bubbly-cells ~ swimming with the coelacanths...

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My newest studio companion, the adorable Minnie: abandoned at our doorstep, she was six weeks old but was the size of a three-week-old kitten (hence her name).  She likes paint brushes.  I wonder if she will be one of those cats that paint!?!